Genre: Musical Drama

Period: December 1939-January 1940

Place: Upstate New York (Blue Moon Hotel)

Length: Three Acts

Characters: 8 M; 4 F



Act 1 Edit

Coming together for New Year's in the Blue Moon Hotel, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, the dignified Montgomery 'Monty' Clarke and his radiant wife Catherine, meet up with the wheelchair bound Colonel Victor Manning, and they are regaled with stories of his time in the war. Meanwhile, their daughter Eleanor is engaging in late night rendezvous with the young Will Cunningham, who has come looking for inspiration.

Act 2 Edit

This is jeopardised when Evelyn Gray arrives on the scene. Almost immediately, she tries to sink her claws into Will, but is rejected as he stays true to Eleanor. Not long after Evelyn arrives, a diamond necklace of Catherine's goes missing. Of course, Evelyn is accused, as nothing started going missing before she arrived. On New Year's Day, Evelyn is found dead (with a single stab wound to the chest).

Act 3 Edit

But who did it? Elizabeth Porter, the jealous wife? Jonathan Porter, the rejected suitor? Or Eleanor Clarke, the cautious lover? Detective Smith, who has been posing as a hotel guest whilst in pursuit of Mack the Knife, starts to investigate. He discovers that the necklace was actually dropped by Mack, who had stolen it, when Evelyn confronted him, trying to blackmail him because she recognised him from police reports.


The StaffEdit

Charles Porter ~ 50-60 ~ Solos

Elizabeth Porter ~ 50-55 ~ Solos

Jonathan Porter ~ 30-35 ~ Sings

Hoops ~ 50-60 ~ Sings

The GuestsEdit

Will Cunningham ~ 20-25 ~ Solos

Eleanor Clarke ~ 20-25 ~ Solos

Monty Clarke ~ 50-60 ~ Solos

Catherine Clarke ~ 50-55 ~ Solos

Victor Manning ~ 65-75 ~ Sings

Evelyn Gray ~ 35-40 ~ Solos

Smith ~ 35+ ~ Non-singing

Mack the Knife ~


Other hotel guests



Blue Moon ~ All ~ Ray Noble Orchestra with Al Bowlly (v)

On the Sunny Side of the Street ~ Jimmy McHugh; Lyrics By Dorothy Fields – All

Incidental MusicEdit

Stormy Weather – Ethel Waters (1933)

Tuxedo Junction – Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra (1939)

Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller Orchestra (1939)

In The Mood – Glenn Miller Band (1939)

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