Genre: Drama

Period: Present day

Place: Suburban Australia

Length: Two Act

Characters: 4 M; 5 F

Warnings: Coarse language; drug references; adult themes


Act 1

Rebecca Petersen is going through a particularly strong teenage rebellion. When the sneaking out, drinking and smoking get too much for her parents, they feel they must do something about it. Everything comes to a head when Rebecca and her mother have an argument, and Christine kicks Rebecca out.

Act 2

After Rebecca is caught shoplifting, she is arrested and Christine agrees to take her home. Once home, Christine makes Rebecca promise to stop smoking, drinking and sneaking around. Rebecca agrees, but it isn't long before she is going down the same track. It is only when he leaves her to get caught by the police with a sachet of marijuana that he gave her, that she wakes up to the reality of the situation.


Rebecca Petersen – 17

Hayden Davies – 18-19

Sarah Clarke – 17

Matthew Petersen – 40-45

Christine Petersen – 40-45

Catherine Petersen – 14-15

Police Officers (1 M; 1 F) – 20+

Security Guard (M) – 20+

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