Genre: Musical

Period: During Apartheid

Place: South Africa

Length: Two Acts

Characters: 3 M; 3 F; assorted ensemble

Warnings: Some coarse language; adult themes


Act 1 Edit

During the apartheid, Sarie, daughter of a wealthy white land-owner falls in love with Jan Pierewiet, one of the younger men working on her father’s property. De Villiers finds out about this, and informs Marais about their liaisons. After hearing about their relationship, Marais arranges to have Jan sent away to the army, leaving a devastated Sarie behind.

Act 2 Edit

Jan, having absconded, returns to the farm, and he and Sarie continue seeing each other in secret.


Principals Edit

Sarie Marais – daughter of a wealthy landowner.

Jan Pierewiet – Zulu worker on the Marais’ property. Beloved of Sarie.

Marais – Proud that he is part of "voortrekker stock".   

Ms. Marais – An elegant woman.     

De Villiers – Afrikaner foreman on the Marais farm. Though he is older, he too has his eye on Sarie. He catches Sarie and Jan together, resulting in Jan being shipped off to the war.

Carrie – Head of the staff serving within the house itself. She is also Jan's mother. She finds out about the relationship but is much more accepting of the idea.

Ensemble Edit

Farm Workers –

Soldiers –

Song List Edit

Act 1 Edit

Bobbejan Klim Die Berg – Workers

Sarie Marais – Jan

Jan Pierewiet – Jan and Sarie

Suikerbossie – Jan

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