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Artwork courtesy of Rosanna Brand

Genre: Romantic comedy

Period: Present day

Place: Perth, Western Australia (can be localised)

Length: 2 Act

Characters: 8 M; 9 F

Warnings: Mild coarse language


Becky Travers, attractive and popular, has just moved to Perth from Melbourne with her family as a result of her father’s promotion. She starts at school with Dan and Mick. When the Year 12 drama students audition for the mid-year production of Romeo & Juliet, Dan and Becky are cast in the lead roles. One weekend, the ‘kids’ get together for a beach party. Soon after, Dan and Becky discover their mutual attraction. When Becky’s widowed grandmother falls ill, her father feels that the family must return to Melbourne. Becky and Dan face the tyranny of distance. Their schemes to thwart separation lead to further complications reminiscent of their stage life. Meanwhile, Mick struggles with his attraction to, and developing relationship with his best friend’s younger sister Amber.


Dan Hayes – 17

Mick Spencer – 17

Simon Callaghan – 17

Jamie Gibbs – 17

Becky Travers – 17

Amber Hayes – 15

CJ Brennan – 17

Lisa Davies – 17

Keira Gleeson – 17

Tim Hayes – 40’s

Christine Hayes – 40’s

Brian Spencer – 40’s

Trish Spencer – 40’s

Alan Travers – 50ish

Diane Travers – late 40’s

Scott Travers – 22

Elaine Myers – early-mid 30’s

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